Teatro do Bairro Alto (TBA) in Lisbon commissioned Clara Amaral (DAI, 2019) to write a podcast for their podcast series titled “Said and Done”, in Portuguese “Dito e Feito” that started at the beginning of this year. In this context Clara wrote and gave voice to the work "Dictation (EN)" - "Ditado (PT)".


Dictation expands the act of writing from the body of the writer to the body of the listener/reader. This shared literary experience transforms the act of writing into an exercise in permeability in which words surface in one body and expand to another. The act of writing becomes a practice of solidarity rather than a solitary one, in the desire to understand writing as a movement that happens between two bodies.  

We are living particular times, in which I believe it is essential to find ways of experiencing proximity, togetherness and empathy. This podcast attempts to practice this belief.  


In case you want to listen to Ditado in Portuguese this is the link: 



In case you want to listen to Dictation in English this is the link:



Clara Amaral 

With thanks to Laura Lopes, Frederick Rodrigues, João Silva, Sónia Baptista and João dos Santos Martins.