Clara Amaral ~ Keywords: performance, reading, writing, innovative publishing modalities, book of sorts, hand choreography, dance, choreography, books, voice, feminism.


Clara Amaral is an artist working with text and performance. Her artistic practice is situated in an interdisciplinary perspective, questioning what it means to be a reader, to be a writer, aiming to expand existing modes of reading and writing. Central to her practice is the investigation of innovative publishing modalities and the performative aspect of writing and language through an intersectional feminist approach. In January 2020 Clara initiated is an online platform: A book of sorts. Every month an artist, writer, graphic designer or curator, who uses writing in their artistic practice, contributes a text. Throughout the month the contribution vanishes in direct relation to the number of visitors, leaving, eventually, an empty website until the next contribution is published.

Clara’s work She gave it to me I got it from her was published by Kunstverein Amsterdam in 2021. This volume is part of a broader research on publishing modalities and their relation to performative practices. Driven by explorations of “hand choreography”, the volume reveals personal narratives that expand into a political dimension while also focusing on the legal expression of identity and how we exist in the world.

Clara Amaral graduated from the SNDO in 2013 and from the DAI in 2019. In 2021\2022 she was supported by Kunstenaar Start from the Mondriaan Funds and her project She gave it to me I got it from her was supported by Publication Grants from the Mondriaan Fonds.
Her work has been presented in Veem House for Performance, Amsterdam: Frascati, Amsterdam; Alkantara Festival, Lisbon; Temps D’Images, Lisbon; Circular Festival, Vila Do Conde; Teatro Municipal do Porto, Porto; Index, Stockholm; far° Festival, Nyon, etc.






Learn more about Clara Amaral’s 20 minute presentation When I write dialogues I always know which voice is which voice even though inside my head I could say that all the voices are the same (voice) for "AEROPONIC ACTS  - growing roots in air" DAI's 3 day graduation lectures marathon, May 2019 at Silent Green in Berlin.

Learn more about Clara Amaral's written MA thesis (DAI, 2019): The World as a Book: Expanding the Field of Reading and Writing Through a Worldly Feminist Practice

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