Faz Que Vai (Set to Go, 2015) the stunning work by Bárbara Wagner (DAI, 2011) & Benjamin de Burca will be on display at EMMA (the Espoo Museum of Modern Art) in Finland till May 17, 2020. The work of the artist duo, which represented Brazil in Venice Biennale 2019, is a video essay consisting of four parts. In each part, a different dancer interprets the traditional Brazilian Carnival dance, Frevo. Watch the TRAILER Faz Que Vai part ll: here.

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Taking its title from the name of a Frevo step that pretends a moment of imbalance, Faz Que Vai portrays four ways of articulating a form of popular tradition with gender and socio-economic issues. The dance style, included in Unesco’s Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage, originates from the city of Recife, which is also the home of artists Wagner and de Burca.

Duration 12 min.

Crew and cast
Cast Ryan Neves, Edson Vogue, Bhrunno Henryque, Eduarda Lemos
Directors Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca
Cinematographer Pedro Sotero
Editor Eduardo Serrano
Executive Producer Bárbara Wagner
Sound Design Waltinho Souza
Original Soundtrack Orquestra Popular Da Bomba Do Hemetério


EMMA museum