Thursday November 7: 'DO COMRADES GOSSIP?' a lecture by Jodi Dean, curated by iLiana Fokianaki (Director of State of Concept in Athens - DAI COOP partner since 2019), who, under the title GOSSIPS and taking inspiration from the writings of Silvia Federici, presents a new series of lectures at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

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Comrade is a term of address, carrier of expectations, and figure of political belonging. Promising new relations of equality and solidarity, it provides liberation from the conventions of oppressive bourgeois society, liberation from expectations linked to sex and race. Comradeship is a relation of sameness, the sameness that comes from being on the same side. Anyone but not everyone can be a comrade. This lecture by professor of political science Jodi Dean will focus on the energy and enthusiasm of women comrades.

Jodi Dean is Professor of Political Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York. She has held the position of Erasmus Professor of the Humanities at University of Rotterdam. Her many books include Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies (2009), The Communist Horizon (2010), Crowds and Party (2016) and Comrade: An Essay on Political Belonging (2019).

The event is the first of a series of discursive gatherings, curated by iLiana Fokianaki, entitled "Gossips” inspired by Silvia Federici's writings and her recent book Witches, Witch-Hunting and Women.


This series of lectures aims to bring women together, to re-generate and re-perform the original concept of “the gossip” as a support structure for women’s ideas, thinking processes and exchanges. It also wishes to collectivise feminisms discourses and create a platform through which there can be new utterances to counteract and address anew all the words used to define and degrade women (Federici) and deconstruct and unfold them. Moreover, it aims to offer an open dialogue with its audiences, through real life case studies and sharing of non-linear knowledges, breaking epistemic injustices; knowledges that wish to operate contrary to sexist rhetorics and patriarchal ways that we witness in culture and society, by way of practicing and being otherwise, as a cultural workers and women. Aspects of theory that we will touch upon through the feminist perspective for this series are: labour, reproduction, intersectionality, hate speech & fake news, feminism vs the alt-right. 

Date: 07/11/2019

Time: 19:30 – 21:00

Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam

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