COOP ~ Performing the Living )) (( Living the Performing Reconnecting with Cycles from Month to Month

Seminar 1: 1-4 December 2019

Dear participants,

how have you been, how are you doing these days?

Our minds and hearts are still in these spaces that got us connected with you, and we are looking forward to carrying on these invisible elements that made our way towards each other, by listening to them, and carrying each other with them.

That in mind and heart, it is not an easy task to tell you how we would have loved to be physically present throughout our first session, but that our engagement at this year's Rencontres de Bamako biennial of Photography will beam us right into our challenge: how to make connection a performative act, throughout time-space boundaries?

In that optic, we find it a beautiful way to make presence and connection a performing topic, by travelling through time-spaces, and reaching to you who already fill our hearts.

The historic edition of the biennial, 25 years of Rencontres, and, for instance, the SAVVY Invocations topics - Exclamating, Still! On The Noise of Images - are perspectives we attentively wish to include in the first session, while including you in it, through live or recorded footage. 

Having our colleagues Kamila and Ola of Untraining the Ear physically carrying the session, is an intro we have consciously conceived for the opening of your COOP study. Considering Listening as Method is what we had deeply thought/meditated about in our meeting circle with you during the intro week.

Sound as a connecting element, through original sounds such as the voice, is what we let our minds be driven by with one of the students circles visiting us. It was a great moment when s.o. said to her colleague student that she had never mentioned it yet but that he has the same voice as a friend of hers. It immediately flipped our theories of the original sound, and made us reflect about uncertainties and how to live with them, embracing them, with a changing pattern along the way, that will give to the way its move, with bass and drum coming along.

Considering these elements on the content base, we conceived the format of the first session with sound as a conscience mode we will be reaching each other.

Us being with you in Nieuwvliet and you being with us in Bamako is what we think about, while implying recorded notes of the surrounding atmosphere, that we feel connected to, and that, through this, could be a sparkle of connection we'll ignite at that present moment with you. Water as an holistic connecting element of our world is what we will also bring into the session, with, for instance, recordings of the river, from both shores, Netherlands and Mali.

We are looking very much forward of an intense connecting time, with each of you and commonly.

Bode and Arlette



Sunday 01.12. 

Transition evening

- connecting with the space and with each other

- Bode/Arlette will connect with sounds and/or videos from Bamako
-> recordings of personal experiences, passengers

Monday 02.12.


- Listening/Responding through various expressions
- artists who we engage with in Untraining The Ear

- Students called to bring in their ideas 

- Reflections and practices on listening through voices

- Understand the sounds


- Intensity: jazz music 

- Practical, common work, interventions with Kamila and Ola
-> go to the sea, listening to nature, how the wind embraces vegetation, listen to the sound of water
-> we’ll have recordings of the Niger river: connection 


- Listening

Tuesday 03.12.


- Responding
- have open working methods from us and the students 


- Practical, common work, interventions with Kamila and Ola 


- Listening

Wednesday 04.12.


- Responding/Recaping: Processing
- How to express the perceptions: how to come together next month?
-> activities on keeping connected to the topic

-> chronicles: echoes