2018 ~ Sunday March 18: Roaming Assembly#20 ~ Between Subversion and Hallucination ~ curated by Ruth Noack (documentation of the programme as a whole)

| tag: Arnhem

Between Subversion and Hallucination took a close look at politics and language of sleep and dreaming. What can dream-life tell us about totalitarianism? How can we move beyond the contradiction of sleep and wakefulness? What does it mean to fall asleep at a protest site? Is there political subjectivity to be found in dreaming? What can we accomplish when we question the negative connotations of passivity and instead start hallucinating?

The symposium's tools of knowledge production included diverse formats, such as lecture, performance, voicing, film-clip, music, reception and discussion.


John Barker
Anna Daučíková
Haytham el-Wardany
Anja Scheffer
Sharon Sliwinski
& curator Ruth Noack
with students of the DAI



Roaming Assembly#20 ~ Between Subversion and Hallucination