March Chronicle by Maxime Gourdon (feat. Logics of Montage Study Group).

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In April, the COOP group Curating Positions : Logics of montage landed in Dessau to reflect on a potential modeling of the exhibition that will take place in June 2019, in Cagliari.

Speculative architectural and design practices have been initiated through the building of small scale models, so as to project an ideal space and to input practical and spatial ideas. A public presentation of the models followed in the evening, and led to a performative blind description of these spaces, in order to respond to their cheap and spontaneous fabrication with a formulation of an architectural and spatial character for the exhibition. As Chronicles, stand two sound mixes : a recording of our blind description, and a sound journey through Bauhaus inspired by a listening class exercise.


Curating Positions: Logics of Montage.