Sevgi Ortaç

Sevgi Ortaç (1984, Istanbul) studied cinema at Bilgi University and art praxis at the Dutch Art Institute (2008-2010). She has always loved working on space, everyday life and cultural heritage. She has a short film about the Land Walls of Istanbul called Tekduvarlı Şehir and a book called Baş Aşağı Anıt. She took part in research and art projects focusing on urban transformation, the right to the city and local resistances (Global Prayers - Redemption and Liberation in the City 2011-12, We Won't Leave! 2016, Actopolis: Art of Action 2017, Here and Elsewhere: Re- assembly of Sprawling Landscapes 2019). She prepared Zanaatle Örülmüş Mahalleler (Adhocracy, 1. İstanbul Tasarım Bienali 2012, Adhocracy Athens: From Making Things to Making the Commons 2015) and Usta Bunu Ben Yapayım mı? (VÇMS, İstanbul Modern, 2014) exhibitions with Aslı Kıyak İngin on the relationship of crafts with urban spaces and craft education. She took part in food societies such as Dürtük (Direnen Üretici Tüketici Kolektifi) and Kuçe Yemek Collective. She has been a part-time lecturer at Koç University since 2017.


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