20 Generations of Student Alumni ~ A Non Nuclear Family & Friends Album

*"Generation" refers to the year of enrolment, not the year of graduation.

Generation 2021

Generation 2020

Generation 2019

Generation 2018

Generation 2017

Generation 2016

Generation 2015

Generation 2014

Generation 2013

Generation 2012

Generation 2011

Generation 2010

Generation 2009

Generation 2008

Generation 2007

Generation 2006

Generation 2005

Generation 2004

Generation 2003

Generation 2002


*Please note that this album is still very much under construction.  

Beloved alumni, if you are not (yet) (properly) represented here, know that your materials (your keywords, your recent bio & "glossy", preferably elongated, standing photo-portrait) will be enthusiastically received & proudly published.                                              

Contact: ALUMNI.EMBASSY@dutchartinstitute.eu                 

*If you are looking for a specific person but you don't know their year group, we recommend using the SEARCH button of this website.                                                

*For further elaboration on the ins and outs of the Alumni Embassy read: