2011- 2013 Aziza Harmel

| tags: Epen, Tunis

Aziza Harmel (b.1985, Tunis) Is an independent curator. She was awarded her Masters of Fine Art by the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem in 2013. Aziza worked in Documenta 14, Steirischer Herbst 2018 and elsewhere. She is currently co-curating a research program on curatorial knowledge, Qayyem, which will be roaming between Mass Alexandria (Alexandria), MMAG Foundation (Amman) and l'Appartement 22 (Rabat). Some of her recent exhibitions include Jaou Tunis 2018, where she curated the Air Pavilion titled Ruins are mortal do as they live. Her work revolves around ghostly matters, regimes of visibility, secrecy and public secrecy.