December Chronicle by Saskia Burggraaf & Giorgos Gripeos.

| tag: St.Erme

Everyone brought a piece of cloth, as we were stitching, we were talking, working, discussing, writing, reading texts. We also did and watched presentations of each other's practice.

We installed the textile piece in different places in the building of Performance Art Forum. We were working on sentences for the flamenco dancer Javiera de la Fuente who will dance letters of the alphabet during The Roaming Assembly in March. These sentences were based on the text of the Situationisten Internationale (On the Poverty of Student Life considered in its economic, political, psychological, sexual, and particularly intellectual aspects, and a modest proposal for its remedy)

Readings :

Pedro G. Romero: “Preparatory Notes for Poetics and Politics Among Flamenco and Modern Artists: A Paradoxical Place” Afterall, Summer 2010.

Gavin Everall: “The Game: An Interview with Michèle Bernstein, novelist and founding member of the Situationist International” Frieze, September 2013.


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