November Chronicle by Anastasia McCammon & Flavia Palladino.

| tag: Arnhem

 “The rules are simple: to live instead of devising a lingering death, and to indulge untrammelled desire.” – The Situationist Text International



  • Concept of learning
  • What is the position of the student post 1968?
  • How do we work/study/learn together
  • BEING a student – a process of BECOMING


  • Fabric – a material that travels, first workhops at the Bauhaus
  • Text & textile interwoven
  • Teresa Lancetta – “verticality can always transform the pattern” – in the binary lies THE CHOICE

Meeting Teresa Lanceta:

“Tell me why you chosed this fabric, your connection to it,

but more important,

tell me the history of the fabric itself.

Where does it come from, who made it?”


Ethical engagement with the object.

Afternoon sewing fabrics, listening to Teresa,

discovering her work, talking, having tea, watching videos.

“Sewing space” = space for encounters. Sharing. Community. Story-telling.

You don´t have to know how to sew to do it.

The anonymous artist, hidden, producing. I buy this tapestry but who did it?

I´m influenced by it but I have no idea who made it because she/he/they is outside the “art market”.

Acknowledging this presence.

Deciding together to make our presentation in Dessau: We are not afraid of neo-nazis.

The Bauhaus, history, legacy, let´s share!

Educational Meeting happening the following week.

The STUDENTS ! Potentialities of this specific group.

Who are the students? When are you a student?



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