PAF Daddy bar

| tag: St.Erme
€ = 1 drink ticket
For every euro you give, you will get a drink ticket that entitles you to one drink of your choice at PAF Daddy Bar
*****We will only buy with the money we collect from all of you*****
Please specify your preference so that we know how much to buy of each kind of drink. 
Any extra drinks or drink tickets can be used in our next remote location of choice (Epen). 
You are welcomed to bring your own drinks and store them at the bar with your name on it.
See you soon,
PAF Daddy Team:
♥ Eric with a C (aka Santa Come Down my Chimney Tonight Special Events Production)
♥ Clara Home Slice Amaretto 
♥ Gayatri Go Go Girl Roaming Man Purse
♥ Leeron TWERKKKaspa 
♥ DJ Jonnie B. Goode
♥ Ciaran Call your Girlfriend 
♥ Giorgios "Giorgios"