2017 and onward: The Curriculum Group

This group acts as a valve between the student body and DAI crew in the management and delivery of the program's curriculum, including exam regulations and module requirements. We meet once a month during the DAI week and then again with the director to report on and discuss the development of the curriculum, and to raise concerns brought forward by the student body. These concerns can be communicated via email, online forms, in person or at the General Assembly held during the DAI Week. The purpose of the group is to ensure there is a platform for efficient and actionable feedback related to the delivery of the syllabus. In addition, it is to ensure that requirements and regulations are being upheld by the program administrators, tutors and students. 

2019-2020: Vita Buyvid, Frances Hawker, Assem Hendawi, Nine Postma, Flip Driest and line kramer  

2018-2019: Lukas Hoffmann, Edel O'Reilly, Samantha McCulloch, Vita Buyvid, Frances Hawker, Assem Hendawi and Nine Postma 

2017-2018: Lukas Hoffmann, Edel, Samantha McCulloch, Rabea Ridlhammer, Nina Støttrup Larsen, Ellen de Medeiros Nunes