Sri Lanka's only festival for contemporary art and interdisciplinary dialogue. Till 31 January 2019. COLOMBOSCOPE will engage the oceanic frontier. Curator: Natasha Ginwala (returning guest tutor at the DAI)

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The sixth edition of the multidisciplinary arts festival,
COLOMBOSCOPE will engage the oceanic frontier,
entwining marine ecologies and seafaring histories to
conceive an archipelago of ideas. Inviting newly
commissioned and recent works by local and international
visual artists alongside a programme of film, music and
performance. Through an itinerary of venues located along
the coastline of Colombo, the festival will follow cross
currents surveying hidden histories of the island and its harbour,
accelerated infrastructural developments that shape future
expansion of the city and creatively navigate modes of public
access to the sea.

We still know less about the ocean floor, than we know about the moon or mars.

Natasha Ginwala