2018 - 2020 Wilf Speller


Where do I end?

The right index finger is a “controller”. The right middle, 4th and little fingers are “grippers”. The thumb has to perform both gripping and controlling actions requiring careful design of the thumb rest and rear of camera controls.

500,000 pounds of pepper and spices, 90 sockels of mace, 150 bundles of silk and 27,135 pounds of saltpetre, as ballast.

The best place for dead skin is in the folds of the body. In the joints. There’s more skin there because it has to flex. Stretch for the movement. To accommodate it.


Wilf Speller's AEROPONIC ACT Innie will be live-streamed from Radio Kootwijk on August 27th at 11:30am

Afterwards Flavia Dzodan, Ana Teixeira Pintoand Amal Alhaag will respond to the question Where do I end?