2017 ~ Sunday February 12: ROAMING ASSEMBLY #11 ~ THE STRANGE CASE OF THE CASE: ‘Brecht’s Threepenny Lawsuit and the Culture of the Case' ~ Lecture by Frederic J. Schwartz

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Brecht’s Threepenny Lawsuit and the Culture of the Case

by Frederic J. Schwartz

Brecht was a connoisseur of the legal case. From his essay on the ThreepennyLawsuit to many dramatic scenes of courts or tribunals, he showed a longstanding fascination with legal process. Yet while the Threepenny Lawsuit is a touchstone for critical discussions of modern media, it remains relatively little studied as a reflection on the law and as an intervention into contemporary discussions of it. This paper asks why, and seeks an answer by looking first at legal proceedings as a medium, and second at the media ofthe law.