2017 ~ Sunday May 21: ROAMING ASSEMBLY #14 ~ TOWARDS ENTANGLED MODES OF BECOMING MORE: 'Becoming more vegetal—energy-wise' ~ by Michael Marder

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Becoming more vegetal—energy-wise

by Michael Marder

From plants, we can learn how to become more by becoming less, that is to say, by minimizing the occasions for consuming, polluting, and despoiling the world. In this talk, Michael Marder proposes a model of energy inspired in a vegetal manner of being—an alternative, non-violent framework for thinking about and practically relating to energy without destroying living beings and our planet through its extraction. Together we will explore the qualities of the energy plants derive from the sun in the process of photosynthesis, which is non-destructive, world-preserving, and essentially superficial. Our guiding question will be not only how we can emulate plants with respect to these three characteristics but also, and especially, how we already harbor and at the same time suppress these promising features both in the history of philosophy and among the current possibilities of our individual and collective existence.