2017 ~ Sunday October 22: Roaming Assembly #16 ~ MAD TEA PARTY: GONZO CURATING AND BEYOND: ‘Brief introduction to gonzo curating’ ~ Introduction by Aneta Rostkowska & Jakub Woynarowski

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Brief introduction to gonzo curating

Introduction by Aneta Rostkowska & Jakub Woynarowski

Mad Tea Partyis an afternoon of lectures, discussions and performances inspired by Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland. What happens when you – like Alice – were not invited to the table but still relentlessly want to participate in the conversation? Aneta Rostkowska and Jakub Woynarowski set up a sequence of unpredictable cultural exchanges following the method of gonzo-curating, a site-specific practice of constructing semi-fictional narratives inspired by Hunter Thompson’s digressive journalism. This time, gonzo curating will unfold in the location of Cologne’s Christuskirche. Departing from the similarity between the purified and minimalist interior of the Protestant church and the white cube of contemporary art the event will result in imaginary take-overs and re-imaginings of the location varying from an unusual guided tour, prepared in collaboration with the students of the DAI, to an exhibition created solely in the minds of the audience.