2017 ~ Sunday September 24: Roaming Assembly #15 ~ ON GUESTING: ‘The curator as guest, host and at times a ghost’ ~ Introduction by iLiana Fokianaki

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Introduction: The Curator as Guest, Host and at Times a Ghost

by iLiana Fokianaki

What formulates an “in equal terms” experience of guest-host? How does the notion of familiarity affect the dynamics of guest/host? What does in fact translate into proper hospitality? From the mega-exhibition to the short curatorial and artistic research trip, what does it mean to land in an unfamiliar place? How does one approach a new place as a guest, when a cultural worker? Through the perspective of art, how can we enact and perform our practice when we occupy the roles of the guest/host? When does our practice begin or stop being beneficial to others -and should we care? How quickly and easily can we translate others experiences and histories into our own? And in fact can we? On the other hand, do societal ecologies accept art infiltrators easily? And in turn do local art ecologies accept foreign bodies?