All seminars, study groups, student led classes, lectures, projects and other happenings that occured during the DAI's extraordinary itinerary through time and places are archived here, more or less chronologically, per academic year. Chrono-archive moves backward till 2003, step, by leap, by step.

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Negotiating Equity 2009/10

framework and tutorials Renée Ridgway

2011-2012 Negotiating Equity: Archive, Database, Research

Framework & tutorials: Renée Ridgway.  Guests: Simon Ferdinando, Nicholas Malevé & Seda Gürses, Stephen Wright, Tina Bastaijan, Prayas Abhinav, Mick Wilson, Saskia van der Kroef, Brian Holmes and Bram Posthumus. 

tags: Arnhem, Dakar

2011-2012 Re-reading Public Images

Framework & tutorials: Florian Göttke.  Guests: Eric Kluitenberg, Susanne Kriemann, Arnoud Holleman, Tony Chakar, Akinbode Akinbiye, Fay Nicolson, Alfredo Cramerotti, Jean-Charles Tall and Viye Diba.

tags: Dakar, Arnhem

2011-2012 Situating Artistic Practice Today - a seminar on where we are and how we got there

Framework by the VanAbbemuseum.

Curated & tutored: Steven ten Thije and Ahmet Öğüt

Guests: IRWIN, Mariëtte Dölle, Charles Esche, Brian Holmes.



tags: Arnhem, Eindhoven, Istanbul

2011 - 2012 Publishing Class

Organiser: Casco. Framework : Binna Choi. Co-ordination: Yolande v.d. Heide. Tutorials: Falke Pisano, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Mattin. Guest lecturers: Sam de Groot, Mattin & Anthony Isles, Seth Siegelaub, Hilde de Bruijn. Co-ordinator at the Werkplaats Typografie: Anniek Brattinga. Advisors: Karel Martens, Armand Mevis. Commisioned by the Dutch Art Institute. 

tags: Arnhem, Utrecht