Sanne Oorthuizen invites us: "Bergulir! Bergetar! Bartabrakan!" [“Rolling! Vibrating! Smashing!”] is opening at Cemeti Institute for Art and Society on May 23

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Cemeti team writes to us;

"Dear friends,
You are warmly invited to join us on Tuesday 23 May 2017, 19.00 hrs for the opening of Bergulir! Bergetar! Bartabrakan! [“Rolling! Vibrating! Smashing!”], the exhibition and presentation of our current artists-in-residence: Laura Marsh (New Zealand), Yosefa Aulia (Indonesia) and Kevin van Braak (the Netherlands). Supported by the Cemeti team, programme assistants Dian Larasati and Elizabeth Kamaratri and Yogya’s community, Yosefa, Laura and Kevin got to know the city and its layered socio-political reality. From this expansive introduction, the artists developed their own research, which is now presented in the form of an exhibition and several events at Cemeti.

Each of the works creates a form of arena in which different issues can be discussed or played out with the participation of the public and specific invited communities. This includes:
A motorized cock fighting tournament and installation: Yosefa Aulia’s Smashing Cocks explores questions of power, control and positioning, how these relate to subconscious desires and urges and how such desires reveal themselves in uncontrolled facial expressions and gestures. The work kicks off with the Smashing Cocks tournament on the opening day, Tuesday 23 March at 15.00 hrs.
A multifaceted printing block Pentagonal Icositetrahedron, for which Kevin van Braak invited 24 artists from Yogyakarta to contribute drawings and woodcarvings relating to pressing socio-political issues. Leading up to and during the exhibition period, Cemeti’s gallery will become a temporary printing studio: wherever the work rolls, prints will be made. It also aims to provide space to ignite conversations about the issues represented in the prints. From Saturday 20 May to Saturday 27 May, during Cemeti’s opening hours, visitors can request their favorite to printed and take it home.
And finally the Jogja Jacuzzi: Laura Marsh’s octagonal bamboo couch, commissioned from local craftsmen to provide a setting for conversations to take place around interrelated issues of responsibility, including: personal safety, the position of women and taking care of one's environment. The topics derived from the artist’s concerns navigating the city and each followed on from three catalyst actions: the development of Jogja’s first Safety Officer, a day of picking up rubbish from Parangtritis Beach and an all-women Vibrating Vaginas Dance Club. The day after the opening, on Wednesday 24 March at 15.00 hrs, Laura will organise the third and final conversation in the Jogja Jacuzzi, hoping to make a plan for further direct actions in the future.
Please join us for the opening, the artists’ activities as well as a discussion onFriday 26 May, 19.00 hrs, where the artists can give you more insight into their installations and working process. For a detailed description of the works and the events, please visit our website here.
We hope to see you next week at Cemeti for Bergulir! Bergetar! Bartabrakan!

Greetings from the Cemeti team: Agni, Alec, Dimaz, Linda, Sanne, Sarono and Wahyu"