May 3: Presentation of the program "El Ranchito" with Isabel Marcos (DAI, 2013)

| tag: Buenos Aires

On 3rd of May there will be a gathering at CCEBA in Buenos Aires to share experiences of the city and present the program El Ranchito with, among others, Isabel Marcos (DAI, 2013).

'El Ranchito is a research project promoted by Matadero Madrid aimed at developing new strategies for fostering art institution-based creation and reflection by providing residencies for international artists, establishing connections with multiple local cultural agents and launching open calls as tools for energising the art scene.

Matadero Madrid is a living, changing space catering for creative processes, participatory artistic training and dialogue between the arts. It was created as a contribution to reflection on our contemporary socio-cultural environment, as well as to support processes for constructing the culture of today and tomorrow.

Set in one of the most important industrial architecture sites of early 20th century in Madrid, it aims to become the city’s biggest centre for contemporary creation and a leading international space dedicated to present-day creation. Matadero Madrid is an initiative by Madrid Council’s Department of the Arts, in collaboration with other public and private entities.'