April 28: "We’re All Involved In This Mess" is opening with Drifters; Valentina Miorandi (DAI,2016) and Sandrine Nicoletta

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We’re All Involved In This Mess an experimental performative exhibition is opening at EnclaveLab in London. Organized by 17 postgraduate curating students from Goldsmiths University, We’re All Involved In This Mess is an experimental performative exhibition. The three-week long exhibition consists of a flux of performances and site-specific creations in which artists engage both with the space and with the previous works, leaving a succession of traces along the way. 

We’re All Involved In This Mess is about the process, not the final product. It is a self-fulfilling, evolving exhibition created through sedimentation. The individual practices become dissolved and therefore it is impossible to clearly identify authorship. The project aims to blur the exhibitionary boundaries that usually divide exhibition and production, studio and gallery.

Drifters, Sandrine Nicoletta and Valentina Miorandi (DAI,2016), are presenting a new performance titled You Are Just There Like My Skin led by Darrel Shines and based on Luce Irigaray's works. 

The exhibition will unfold over three weeks starting from April 28, with each weekend beginning with an evening-long marathon of performances. Over the weekend, the gallery will be open for visitors to see the artists’ traces accompanied by video documentation of the previous performance day.

More information can be found here.