Fadwa Naamna

Fadwa Naamna (Palestine, 1985) is a curator and artist based in Haifa, and has been engaged in the seaming lines between the contemporary Palestinian and Israeli art scenes. She has finished her studies in Arts and Geography at Haifa University. Her journey started as an artist with varied engagements on a scale of visual to community art. Naamna has ​been active in the last couple of ​years as an assistant curator at Beit Hagefen gallery in Haifa, where she took part in curating and producing several projects and exhibitions in galleries and in the public space such as the Annual Holiday of Holidays at Haifa (2014-15), The Annual Haifa Story Festival exhibition (2014) and Arab Cultural-Days annual Festival (2014-15). She has been engaged in coordinating other artistic initiatives such as Ha-Horva Artists’ Studios project (Downtown – Haifa), and Museum without Walls (Haifa), which is a platform of sociopolitical art in the public space of “Wadi-Nisnas” in Haifa. Naamna has also been engaged in assisting artists and accompanying their artistic processes end-to-end. In the curriculum year 2016-17 she participates in the De Appel Curatorial Programme.