MetropolisM: A Memoir Polemic, an interview with Tirdad Zolghadr (core tutor DAI Publishing Class): "I would suggest to identify with power."

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If I have to describe Indeterminacy in brief, thus open-endedness and the idea of the audience that we say we are doing it for, it boils down to disengagement with power. The idea that things are just open enough for you to disavow your expertise and the expertise of your audiences. That just stumbles upon the curatorial work and everything that it mediates in that radical moment of indeterminate possibilities. Which makes you as a mediator let leave things open, and while doing so imagine an audience that is open to everything. I push against that. I would suggest to identify with power. Because we do have authority, we do have expertise, we are the ones with the means in contemporary art." 

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