Teylers Museum & The Object Lag present: The Archaeology of Autonomy / Phil Barber, Martine Derks, Rana Hamadeh, Falke Pisano, Charlotte Rooijackers and David Weber-Krebs / curated by Emily Williams

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On the 24th of July, 2010 Nieuwe Vide proudly presents The Object Lag in Teylers Museum with Part Three of her programme, The Archaeology of Autonomy.

Artists and designers; Phil Baber, Martine Derks,  Rana Hamadeh, Falke Pisano, current DAI student Charlotte Rooijackers and David Weber-Krebs cross the paths of museum visitors with temporary interventions and performances following a period of reflection and research in Teylers Museum on the autonomy of the object.

The Object Lag is a year long project curated by Emily Williams for the Nieuwe Vide.

Program: 14:00-17:00 - Presentation in Teylers Museum

17:30-23:00 - After party in Nieuwe Vide

Entrance Teylers Museum: EUR 9,00 Museumkaart / Haarlem Pas / ICOM / Vereniging Rembrandt

free. Performances free.

TYI: Rana Hamadeh, Charlotte Rooijackers as well as Emily Williams are alumni of the DAI.

Teylers Museum: www.teylersmuseum.eu

Nieuw Vide: www.nieuwevide.nl