Description: Deceptive Authoritarianisms: Between Artificial and Discredited Personhood

Trumped Assumptions

Feher considers that the neoliberal era (1979-2016) has proved deceptive all along: while purported to have turned everyone into a profit-seeking entrepreneur, the character it has actually fashioned thinks and behaves like a credit-seeking asset manager. What kind of deceptions are we to expect now that the revamping of isolationist authoritarianism trumps the globalization of neoliberal “best practices”?


The Reproduction of Personhood

“The scale of an environment is tested in relation to the behaviour of its subjects. How far they can go, the reach and radius of their actions.” On January 1, 1993, following the Maastricht treaty, the European union channel Euronews was incepted. “Its impartial model of broadcasting included silent images, minimally edited, accompanied only by a discrete title;” feedback was excluded. ’No comment’ was at the center of the Troika; when ERT defaulted on its agreement with Euronews, and Brussels quickly threatened to withdraw further loans to the country, blame accrued to the apparatus. How do artists and filmmakers tarry with such post-human organizations of capital, within changing media landscapes and corporate authoritarian speech acts? With this in mind, inhabitants will discuss their latest Contour Biennale 8 episodes, including the US Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. court case, infamous for granting religious rights to a corporation, and video as evidence.