'Nodige moeilijkheden'

| tag: Utrecht

'Nodige moeilijkheden' is a performance by DAI alumnus Chris Meighan.

'Nodige moeilijkheden' takes place 31 October at 14.00, as part of the Culturele Zondagen/No Label festival in Utrecht. This performance will take place within the context of the year-long project Malleability Revisited: The Need for New Strategies, organised by Expodium.

During "No Label", Chris Meighan will give a `walking lecture´ through the Museumkwartier. You can join him in a search for an answer to the question that our apparently overdeveloped, modern society seems to (or should be) be asking itself: what is it that we´re doing, exactly?

This lecture brings the authority of the narrator and the susceptibility of the audience up for discussion. How susceptible are you? Come join the tour and find out for yourself!

Reservations: info@expodium.nl

Culturele zondagen: http://www.culturelezondagen.nl/cz/do.php?a=show_visitor_sunday&s=61&page=1302

Chris Meighan: www.chrismeighan.com