Sergi Selvas (DAI, 2017) curates Couching Fiction, participating among others Ben Burtenshaw (DAI, 2015), Martha Jager (DAI, 2016) and Miguel Angel Rego Robles (DAI, 2016)

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October 8 to January 13, 2016

The production of knowledge through speculative mechanisms leading to creative processes like science fiction, genre endowed with aesthetic and conceptual powers, transforms specific baselines for understanding. From research on fiction as a strategy for the development of projects propose a parabola: the use of a fictionalized reality to speak of made reality.

Couching Fiction is an experiment, an invitation to relax on the couch and watch a selection of films staking thought and imagination. A proposal curated by Sergi Selvas, who invites twelve artists – Ben Burtenshaw, Regina de Miguel, Elena Fraj, Martha Jager, Andreu Meixide, Camille Orny, Miguel Angel Rego Robles, Marta van Tartwijk i Objetologías– to explore alternative readings of films in the genre of science fiction. Each artist has produced a short text which presents a reflection accompanied by a film that is available to all visitors of the exhibition.

Couching Fiction is curated by Sergi Selvas in the frame Can Felipa Visual Arts Program.

Centre Cívic Can Felipa
Pallars, 277
08005 Barcelona
T. 932 563 840