Frascati January 11- 14: Other Stories – Finding more than me. A week about stories and identity. Initiated by: Sahand Sahebdivani (founder Mezrab) Ogutu Muraya (theatre maker) and Lara Staal (curator Frascati).

24.12.16 | tag: Amsterdam

Dear colleagues and friends, 

Hereby I would like to invite you to a program I’ve developed together with Sahand Sahebdivani from Cultural Center Mezrab and Kenyan artist Ogutu Muraya.

Be welcome at Other Stories – Finding more than me at Frascati and Mezrab from Wednesday the 11th of January till Saturday the 14th.

I think all the evenings are equally interesting but I would like to draw special attention to the symposium on Saturday the 14th at 18:30 with soup and bread to talk about identity politics and how art can deal with this. With contributions from Quinsy Gario, Noa Roei, Anoek Nuyens and Sachli Gholamlizad I believe it will be an important and interesting conversation.

Hope to see you at Other Stories, be more than welcome!

Best wishes, Lara.