2016-2018 Ines Marita Schärer (Switzerland)


Most of Ines’ pieces are text-based. Her artworks are often replaced by their description in written or sound pieces, which, in turn, are sometimes recorded and sometimes performed live. The dematerialisation of her artworks doesn’t result in the use of language to express concepts, but rather narratives (this is clearly seen in her updated version of Robert Barry’s Radiation Piece at Kunsthalle Bern). The transmission of her works relies on a mechanism similar to storytelling tradition, being their constant transformation a logical consequence of such process. Her practice is thus in a constant flux, always in progress. Ines is used to act collaboratively and to apply aspects of curatorial practice to her work. The continuation of her artistic development at DAI may be an opportunity to reflect on questions that spring from her practice, such as the context where her pieces are to be shown, the conditions to formalise them and the role of the audience in the whole process.