Tijs Ham

Tijs Ham started his artistic career in the visual arts but soon moved to music and sound art. Using the moniker Tapage he has released many EP’s and albums on a wide range of record labels. He is the co-founder of the Soundlings Collective and has been instrumental in setting up the think tank Meetups, which discusses many topics related to arts and technology. Currently Tijs is working for STEIM as an organizer. He regularly performs onstage, both solo and as part of the trio The Void*, playing his custom-built instruments based on feedback and recursion.

The Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (STEIM) is an independent electronic music center unique in its dedication to live performance. The foundation’s artistic and technical departments support an international community of performers, musicians, and visual artists to develop unique instruments for their work. STEIM maintains a vibrant residency program whereby artists are provided with an artistic and technical environment in which concepts can be given concrete form, and where ideas are catalyzed by the provision of critical feedback grounded in professional experience. Finally, new creations are then exposed to a receptive and responsive niche public at STEIM before being groomed for a larger audience.