Frascati: Occupy Utopia ~ Four days of theatre, lectures and a conference on The Future with Jonas Staal, Lucas De Man, Quinsy Gario, Micha Hamel, Nourdin El Ouali, Anoek Nuyens, Dyab Abou Jahjah, Rebecca Gomperts, Faiza Oulahsen and others.

21.10.16 | tag: Amsterdam

wed 2 - sat 5 nov
Many of the accomplishments of the 20th century are clearly losing ground. Crises in the areas of the economy, the environment and refugees are plain to see. But democracy, the nation state with fixed borders and Europe are also under pressure. Can we think past the existing order and use our imaginations to try out other potential forms of society? In a number of theatre productions and lectures, a utopian thought space will be claimed in which alternatives are possible.

Utopian Congress (Dutch spoken)
The programme will conclude with ‘The Utopian Congress’, an initiative by artist Jonas Staal and curator Lara Staal in cooperation with sociologist Merijn Oudenampsen and translator Menno Grootveld. At this Congress, artists, activists, academics and politicians will be invited to make proposals concerning the future. The congress will focus not so much on criticism and analysis, but rather on formulating alternative scenarios. If we want to break out of the status quo and make a different world conceivable, we must embrace utopia as a long-term perspective. And what better place for a collective imagining of our future than the theatre?

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