Unmaking the Netherlands/ Expodium: October blast ~ Peripheral walk with What is Art? & Nikos Doulos (DAI, 2008) delivering a workshop under the umbrella of FAIL BETTER, Helsinki

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Peripheral walk with What is Art?

October 20, 2016 | 19:00hrs

We will walk from de Kersenboomgaard to Werkspoorkathedraal. Two spots in Utrecht. Both central on mental maps. But both peripherical on street maps. How do these spots relate? Is there a connection between two outposts? Can we walk around the centre without thinking about the centre? And make our walk the centre for the time being? This evening will see an experiment on exploring the edges of a town.


19.00 doors open, welcome

Organic food and drinks will be available  [7.50 €]

20.00 start walk from Kersenboomgaard

21.30 finish walk at Werkspoor

22.00 end. And transport back.


Ateliers Kersenboomgaard

Emmy van Lokhorststraat 02-60

3544 HM Utrecht



Expodium member Nikos Doulos, visited Helsinki to deliver a workshop under the umbrella of FAIL BETTER. 

FAIL BETTER is a three-week long event as a starting point for research about alternative exhibition practices and the development of a new social space within Exhibition Laboratory - Academy of Fine Arts’ prominent exhibition space. 

Students Ruben Ostan Vejrup, Teppo Vesikukka & Aino Unkila, under the guidance and facilitation of  Exhibition Studies & Spatiality professor Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger & lecturer Suvi Lehtinen wish to openly discuss the functions such a space could take, physically build materials for the space and research the role of a cooperative in relation to different layers of society.

Expodium's Bart Witte & Nikos Doulos have been participating in Kuvataideakatemia’s program with workshops and lectures since 2012. FAIL BETTER invitation was a follow up of Niko's WHAT NOW MY LOVE? seminar last December.