Nottingham Contemporary kindly invites you to the opening of exhibitions by Marguerite Humeau & Otobong Nkanga

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Image: Otobong Nkanga, Dream in 1m2, Beirut Art Centre, 2016, details of drawing. Photographer: Walid Rashid Photography

Opening: Friday, October 14

18:30 - 23:00, galleries open until 21:00

Join us for the opening of our next two exhibitions,: FOXP2, by Marguerite Humeau and The Encounter That Took a Part of Me, by Otobong Nkanga.
Journey back to the origins of life in FOXP2 where elephants have become the dominant species in Humeau’s multi-sensory environment of sculpture, sound and light. Hear her extraordinary “choir” of 108 billion voices – the total number of people who have ever lived on earth.

Huge tapestries, performances, drawings and installations trace all kinds of different botanical and geological histories in Otobong Nkanga’s work. This is the Antwerp-based Nigerian artist’s first solo show in this country.

The exhibition is made up of two site-specific installations. One, a new commission, is a constellation of museum display cases, a vast wall drawing and a large two-part tapestry. Next door Nkanga has created a new version of her installation Taste of a Stone, which brings the natural world into the gallery to create a landscape of boulders, pebbles, trees and other plants. This environment for contemplation is inhabited by local storytellers, musicians and dancers, as well as visitors. All are invited to share memories and moods.

Free entrance, booking required.

The exhibition opening is followed by a party until 11pm featuring live music and DJs. You can grab a bite to eat from Cafe.Bar.Contemporary who will be serving a selection of delicious street food.

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