Monday 12 September: The Guardian ends its review of the 32nd Bienal de São Paulo by describing Bárbara (DAI, 2011) Wagner's " knockout video".

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" And the young Brazilian artist Bárbara Wagner – one of the many wearing a “FORA TEMER” T-shirt at the opening – befriended the young singers and rappers of the country’s north for a knockout video backed by the acid sounds of brega, a pop genre out of Recife. Teens with face tattoos and twerking dancers get busy in the slums of Pernambuco – but then Wagner invites them into a vacant, ghostly nightclub, where Brazil’s reliable decadence turns almost heartbreaking. They sing about love, money, and shaking their asses, but in the empty club the entreaties sound more plaintive, troubled, desperate even. “É tudo ilusão,” one backup singer intones over and over: it’s all an illusion. Today it is a more fitting motto for this roiled, beautiful, uncertain nation than Order and Progress".

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