Rosell Heijmen

tag: Arnhem

Rosell Heijmen works within the collective Suze May Sho, whose members have backgrounds in Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Fashion.
The interaction within the collective and the interdisciplinary crossovers between their backgrounds are echoed in a range of publications, theatre designs and exhibitions as part of collaborations with ArtEZ University of the Arts, Museum Arnhem and Nicole Beutler among others. Over the past years Rosell Heijmen has furthermore been closely collaborating with the artist Lado Darakhvelidze (DAI, 2010). 

In 2009 Suze May Sho started Project Probe, a virtual space where every 2-months artists from different disciplines, are invited to research their own practice within a 6,6m3 real space. The scaled test-lab challenges artists to rethink their working methods. Even though it is a physical space, Probe is only accessible on the Internet. The registration of the exhibition is the exhibition.
Within Probe Suze May Sho is collaborating with designers on visual essays, researching the form online art-critique can take.

Rosell Heijmen lives and works in Arnhem.