2016-2018 Rabea (Bella) Ridlhammer (Germany)


Rabea’s is a good example of research-as-practice. Her BFA thesis, called (Pink) Feminism – Analysis of Feminist Identities in Contemporary Art and Culture, in which she ‘critically analysed feminist identities within contemporary art, especially in correspondence with pop culture and the recent feminism buzz in the media’ was, very fittingly, re-edited as a glossy magazine. This piece becomes a vehicle to extend, by other means, the different strands opened by theoretical research. A timely exploration of contemporary feminism influence and portrayal in popular culture and media, carried out by means of graphic design and publications is complemented with a highly experimental spirit that animates her collaborative projects, prompted by a self-initiative that escapes any risk of institutionalisation. For instance, Rabea participated in the creation of a collaborative curatorial project. A deserted bunker in the forest of Amsterdam served as venue for the temporary artist-run space bunker0621, a ‘curatorial lab’ against ‘institutionalised routine’.