2016-2018 Olga Micińska (Poland)


Olga’s artefacts hold an ambivalence between being instruments and being sculptures. The equation between their use value (are they tools?) and their symbolic value (are they art objects?) is never solved. Her flag is a case in point: a ‘real’ flag is essentially a symbolic object but, in the context of Olga’s work, the artwork’s symbolic value paradoxically results in the presentation of the object itself. It comes as no surprise that Olga calls her objects ‘purposeless tools of absurdity. Stripped of their functionality, they are in service of the Idea.’ Notice the capital ‘I’ in ‘Idea’. A legitimate question that logically follows such statement is: ‘what idea?’ What kind of conceptual purpose does this work serve? The possibility to think through sculpture is an exciting prospect. Olga’s predisposition to discuss the theoretical references of her practice will be a valuable quality for her in order to deepen aspects that go beyond formal speculation.