2016-2018 Mónica Lacerda (Portugal)


Death and life, nature, plants and animals, life processes and their interruption by illness are some of the motifs that recur in Mónica’s practice. Better put, her work engages with none of these, but with the image of these notions. Even better, with a quasi-literary fictionalisation of these notions (let us not forget that fiction is not the exclusive reign of narrative, poetry is also fiction). Mónica accumulates images and thoughts around these subjects, which are then presented in a convincingly simple display, in which text and drawing receive equal treatment. Writing and drawing are thus employed as the vehicle for thinking, and the exhibition as a way to display those thoughts in a flow that doesn’t need to be coherent or lead to any final conclusion. A creative process that engages with writing, image-making and thinking has all the potential to be explored through a research trajectory at DAI, and liable to be stretched much further into the future.