2016-2018 Stephan Blumenschein (Austria)


How can one situate their experience in front of an artwork without a text that mediates it? Is it possible to have a meaningful art experience without the con-text provided by such device? Stephan’s installations demand a particular attentiveness. He attempts to redefine the textual space that surrounds the aesthetic experience. If artistic research teach us something is that text is always necessary in order to, first, identify an artistic encounter as such and, second, make of it a meaningful experience. The challenge, rather than chasing a metaphysical notion of silence, is to define the role of the text in relation to one’s practice. This is when experimentation with different textual modes, which do not merely claim to ‘explain’, become relevant, particularly in the context of artistic research. Stephan’s project You Do Not Disappear. We Promised Him, in which he invited friends to perform readings during the exhibitions, might indicate the direction in which his research can experiment with innovative forms of discursive collaboration.