2016-2018 Baha Görkem Yalim (Turkey)


Görkem employs video and installation mainly, sometimes in interesting variations, such as the performative installation Toward Witnessing Matter, which was also the stage for a lecture and poetry programme that he co-curated. The range of subjects that he touches upon is varied. To be sure, there are notions that appear with recurrent energy, such as the poetically charged vertical/horizontal allegory, which functions as an oblique critique on patriarchy (particularly, of the Turkish society where he grew up). Personal memory and the relation subject/object are also recognisable and, at some points, interconnected. Görkem’s exploration, not only of contents, but also of the use of artistic media, is in a constant flux, which, for the time being, refuses to crystallise in a particular form. We can expect Görkem to keep experimenting with different strategies and issues whilst at DAI and, perhaps more decisively, to research the development of a critical language that enables him to articulate his art practice.