2016-2018 Floris Visser (Vloris Fisser, Netherlands)


In Vereniging De Vereniging (The Associative’s Association) a civil society structure is built not to achieve a concrete goal but for the sake of building a social structure. Whereas Floris’s actions might bring to mind Liam Gillick’s structures to enable a dialogue about dialogue, his ambition strives to exert an actual impact in his social context. Not for nothing Vereniging De Vereniging counts with 100 members that meet every other month. Although at first sight it could seem an exercise on ironic, it actually responds to a deeply honest strategy: emptiness as resistance aimed at disturbing the neoliberal principles of time efficiency. This can be seen in his project to block a large portion of public space in order to remain unusable for the next 30 years (The Long Pause), and other works where empty space is central (No Time Is Eternal). Floris’s research is grounded on a serious commitment with his social context and the development of an apt response to the ideological background that supports it.