2016-2018 Pitchaya Ngamcharoen (Thailand)


Pitchaya’s creative processes are attempts to establish impossible dialogues: between blind people and the visual arts, between humans and ants. Her projects are based on the very human faculty of empathy, which enables us to see, or try to see with the use of imagination, the world through the other’s eyes, even if the other is blind. Pursuing the contact with such ‘other’, Pitchaya has for instance created artworks that can only be appreciated by monkeys. ‘Sometimes, I do not feel that I belong to the place or society that I live in. Stray dogs have become my good friends. We share one thing in common, that we are free spirits, not attached to the environment or the place we stay.’ Pitchaya’s notion of the artist is about someone who remains open to absorb, learn and interpret a new environment. When this new environment is DAI, so different from her native Bangkok, her enrolment becomes the promise of a highly fruitful time.