2016-2018 Tirza Kater (Netherlands)


Tirza is active as both artist and curator. Or perhaps it would be best to find a new term that defined a hybrid practice without falling into the institutionalised concept of neither artists nor curator. Tirza uses her own biography, in its most mundane aspects, to produce installations populated by personal mementos, reconstructions of spaces that meant something in her memory and images from her personal archive. This has nothing to do with communication, as the spectator barely can access the inner world of Tirza’s experiences. On the other hand, she has been running a residence programme at her parent’s house, a platform in which invited artists to present their work in a performative manner to an engaged audience. At the cross between both aspects of her work lies the ground to develop the critical language with which to articulate her practice as a whole, an endeavor that could perfectly be the focus of her research at DAI.