Layers 2016 # 4: Fads and Freud ~ film fragments, clips and downloads by Mariam Eqbal, Kimberlee Koym, Steina and Woody Vasulka, Pendar Nabipour (DAI, 2013)

| tag: Rotterdam

October 12 at 20:30

Boomgaardstraat 71, Rotterdam

”The innocent is born into a world in which it cannot help but lose its innocence.” and also: ”The sexual instinct becomes an object of repression before it is awaken” Sigmund Freud impersonated in John Huston's film from 1962.

The cute being, be it a personified still object, an objectified creature, or a perfect foot, is the starting point of Fads and Freud.
Wanting to posses the cute, the innocent, the charming. The potentiality of this awkwardly engaging object makes it so very appealing to be used as a talisman. An object to protect, as it itself radiates comfort and protection. And at the same time a motive for investing an overload of affection, sometimes even in order to reduce affection elsewhere.
As usual in Layers, the topic is growing tentacles, reaching to all kinds of interpretations and contradictions. Seen through the eyes of the machine or the spirit of the offender, there are many versions to this must-have symptom.

The Layers series contain the screening of short and very short films with the occasional fragments from feature films. An eccentric mix that creates a combination of depth and absurdity. Phenomena of indifference, nihilism and fatalism are central notions to the research of this project. Layers provides the opportunity of looking at moving image through other glasses.
The series refer to the symbolism created through visual language and the complex relationship between the individual and visual culture. Treasures in between Layers supply a huge potential for re-thinking and re-viewing.