Preview, ReadingRoom, exhibition, and more... our partner Casco introduces vibrant upcoming activities.

09.10.16 | tag: Utrecht

"This fall we opened up and revitalized the Casco program with the (Un)usual Business festival Gat in de Markt (Gap in the Market), which was a great success. Proudly looking back and moving on from there, we would now like to share some of the forthcoming activities that will take place at Casco this fall. Including a new edition of ReadingRoom, a new course at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI), and an extensive exhibition project by Alex Martinis Roe, there is a varied program of activities, exhibitions, and events to look forward to. We’re happy to introduce the program to you below and we warmly invite you to join us!

ReadingRoom 3: Who Cares?

ReadingRoom (RR) is a local Terra Critica practice in Utrecht with the collaboration of Casco, returning for its third yearly incarnation starting next week.

This season’s sessions are centered around the poetics and politics of the affirmative. Through this emphasis on a political stance of affirmation at a time that is calling for negativity, RR further their agenda of sharpening our senses and creating affective communities. This RR series investigates the spaces of education, activism, and art on different pedagogical, poetical, and political levels. Its primary focus is an affirmative interpretation of the question “Who Cares?”

ReadingRoom is a series of open and inclusive close-reading sessions that strive for substance, meaning, and non-quantifiable value through the praxis of careful and critical readings of texts from a wide range of disciplines.

The 2016-17 ReadingRoom sessions will take place on 28 September, 2 November, and December 7, 2016, and continue on 1 February and April 26, 2017. More information on ReadingRoom is available on the Terra Critica website. 

Southern Wave, Roaming Academy

A monthly class held between September 2016–June 2017 at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) by Casco, with occasional public events and projects. More information here

Alex Martinis Roe, To Become Two

Exhibition project, November-January, opening November 19, 2016.
In collaboration with the Graduate Gender Programme of Utrecht University and If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution in Amsterdam.

Casco proudly announces To Become Two, a new exhibition project led by Berlin-based artist Alex Martinis Roe. To Become Two traces the genealogy of “feminist new materialist” and “sexual difference” philosophies via a number of international feminist communities and political practices to explore what has been — and what could be — transferred to feminist collective practices today.

It includes a series of six films, including Their desire rang through the halls and into the tower, a performance recorded in 2014 and made in collaboration with the Graduate Gender Programme at Utrecht University and commissioned by Casco, and Roe’s ambitious new film Our Future Network, jointly commissioned by Casco, If I Can’t Dance, The Showroom (London), and Ar/ges (Bolzano). Alongside the films, Roe will also present sculptural, architectural, and archival elements, performances and workshops, and an artist’s book.

To Become Two is yet another extensive artist-led project that connects Casco to local communities and follows Parasite Lottery (2016), developed with Indonesian artist Wok the Rock, which focused on the economics of the cultural field.

Ingo Nierman and Dora Garcia, Army of Love

An introductory event for Army of Love will take place during the To Become Two winter exhibition period.

Writer Ingo Nierman and artist Dora Garcia have been commissioned by Casco to further develop the project Army of Love. Part communitarian, part anarchy, the Army of Love is envisioned as a weapon of unconditional, radical love for the transhumanist regime. "

More details to follow...