2016-2018 Alejandro Cerón (Spain)


Alejandro’s work contemplates the mundaneness of the effects of global capitalism: the fruit that we find in the supermarket, the juice that we consume at the bar, and so on. His performative installations attempt to emphasise that it all comes at a cost, and to remind the consumers of the colonialist exploitation that makes globalisation possible. Alejandro sees himself as an ‘expat’, one among the mass of involuntary remainders of deregulated global trade. Economic emigration is, indeed, a consequence of the international free circulation of goods and financial transactions. Notions now present in Alejandro’s work, such as fiction and irony, will be either liable to be reassessed from a more productive point of view or discarded entirely. While immersed in DAI’s critical community, he can benefit from the exchange with peers and tutors, whose experience and knowledge will, no doubt, be a crucial input to gain insight in the issues he is involved in.