2016-2018 Anna Bitkina (Russia)


By embarking on DAI, Anna aspires to connect with current critical discourses, as well as curatorial and artistic discourses, specifically of the socially engaged kind. In her own words, she asks: ‘Can artistic practice create an alternative media discourse free of propaganda? Can art influence politics and oppose global political games?’ These are the initial questions that fuel her research by means of exhibitions, public discussions and archival materials. The crux of the matter lies in discerning whether such questions are able to produce new knowledge or they rather reaffirm previously existing conceptions. Anna is used to work on collaborative projects and her interests are very much in tune with DAI’s. Through her new academic trajectory, engaging with artistic research should lead to a positive impact in the way she approaches curatorial and artistic practice, and in the way she deals with her participative, long-term projects.